Luxury Natural Lawn Mix

Luxury Natural Lawn Mix

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Introducing the Luxury Natural Lawn Mix, the sophisticated sibling of the Perfect Lawn Mix, boasting a higher concentration of bentgrass at a solid 40%. This elevated blend offers a transformative experience for your lawn, providing adaptability that allows you to effortlessly alter the appearance of different garden sections. With a deliberate balance of fescues and bents, this mix invites you to redefine your garden aesthetics with minimal effort.

The standout feature of the Luxury Natural Lawn Mix lies in its ability to empower you to curate diverse landscapes within your garden. By simply reducing mowing frequency and maintenance efforts in selected areas, you can cultivate a more natural, meadow-like ambiance while maintaining a consistent lawn density throughout the year. The 40% bentgrass content ensures a lush and resilient carpet, even with reduced maintenance, offering a luxurious feel to your outdoor space.

On the flip side, for those who appreciate the finer things in lawn care, the Luxury Natural Lawn Mix allows you to elevate your garden's appearance effortlessly. With a bit more dedication to regular mowing and practical lawn care, you can achieve the coveted croquet finish. The robust bentgrass content lends itself well to creating that manicured, finely trimmed look without the need for yearly over-seeding.

In essence, the Luxury Natural Lawn Mix offers a unique blend of adaptability and luxury. It's not just a grass seed; it's a key to unlocking the potential for diverse garden landscapes. Whether you opt for a low-maintenance, meadow-like feel or aspire to showcase a meticulously groomed croquet lawn, this mix empowers you to effortlessly transform your outdoor space without compromising on the density and richness of your lawn.

40% Slender Creeping Red Fescue

20% Chewings Fescue

40% AberRoyal Browntop Bent

Application Rate: 15-20gms2 

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