Premium 'All-Bent' Natural Lawn Mix

Premium 'All-Bent' Natural Lawn Mix

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The Premium Bent Mix is a versatile and exceptional grass seed blend designed to cater to the needs of lawn enthusiasts who seek the epitome of quality. Comprising exclusively of native bentgrasses, this mix stands out as the ideal choice for those desiring an immaculately fine lawn.

Crafted with precision, the Premium Bent Mix is a dream come true for cylinder mower enthusiasts, promising a premium croquet or golf green finish that will leave your lawn looking immaculate. The fine texture and velvet green appearance make it a standout choice for those who appreciate the aesthetics of a well-manicured lawn.

What sets this mix apart is its adaptability. Whether you prefer a closely cropped lawn for a putting green effect or opt for a more relaxed, 25mm-plus height for a lush and inviting ambiance, the Premium Bent Mix delivers on both fronts. It allows you to customize the height according to your preferences, ensuring that your lawn is a reflection of your unique taste and style.

One of the most compelling features of bentgrass lawns, including those seeded with the Premium Bent Mix, is their longevity. Once established, these lawns exhibit exceptional resilience, and you'll find yourself freed from the hassle of frequent re-seeding. This low-maintenance quality is a testament to the enduring strength and vitality of the Premium Bent Mix, making it a smart and sustainable choice for those who value a beautiful lawn without the constant need for re-seeding.

In summary, the Premium Bent Mix is not just a grass seed; it's a commitment to a superior lawn experience. Whether you aim for a manicured green fit for a sports enthusiast or a more relaxed and inviting lawn, this blend of native bentgrasses provides the foundation for a lasting, visually stunning landscape.

50% Highland Browntop Bent

50% AberRoyal Browntop Bent

Application Rate: 8-12gms2

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